What’s hot on GOtv this November
What’s hot on GOtv this November
What’s hot on GOtv this November

GOtv’s well known for bringing you all the best talent and shows that Africa has to offer, but we’re also passionate about the most loved entertainment from around the world.
Check out these sizzling international hits on your screen this month.
If you’re dreading the thought of endless festive season family get-togethers littered with questions about your non-existent love life, Sistas is just the tonic you need.
The show centres on four young women, all in their 30s, who still haven’t managed to find Mr Right among the choices available to them.

It’s not for lack of trying, lack of opportunity, or the many wild rides on the rollercoaster of love and life. Rather, these women face all the usual challenges and complexities when it comes to modern day affairs of the heart. Despite their best efforts, Cupid’s bow seems firmly directed in every direction but theirs.

Follow these women on their journey toward discovering what really matters to them as they fight for love through numerous challenges and unexpected twists.
Catch up with this season’s mishaps and misdemeanours on BET, GOtv Channel 21, every Thursday at 22:30 CAT.

Una Casa Para Azul
The title means ‘A House for Blue’ in English, and it’s a poignant Turkish series focused on a group of orphans. This touching showcase of childhood emotions has found wide acclaim amongst international audiences.
The story goes something like this: abandoned by their parents, the children vacillate between a desire to find families of their own and the fear of losing each other in the process.
In the meantime, the orphanage master, Mahir, manages to create a family environment for his charges, despite his apparent surly attitude. The main character, Mavi, secretly wants Mahir to adopt her, creating a whole new level of complexities.

Don’t worry if your Turkish isn’t up to scratch, there are subtitles and it’s a great chance to experience the talents of acclaimed child actress Beren Gökyildiz.

Follow these charming characters on Telemundo, GOtv Channel 14 every Monday to Friday at 13:00 CAT.

Strange Love

Do you believe in the adage, “opposites attract’’? If so, you’ll love this classic Bollywood series focussed on an unlikely couple thrust into marriage.

The main female lead, Aastha, is the picture of cheerfulness and good humour, while her partner, Shlok, labours under a whole lot of baggage that’s clearly weighing his personality down.

He’s reserved, arrogant, and focused almost entirely on his business, yet manages to woo Aastha and marries her as an act of revenge against past wrongs. Despite their differences, the couple makes it through drama after drama and ultimately, discover true love thanks to these difficulties.   

This unusual take on ‘boy meets girls’ is an entertaining watch that forms a light-hearted antidote to a busy day.

Follow this mismatched couple as they tackle their next challenge Mondays to Sundays on StarLife, GOtv Channel 23, at 19:00 CAT.

The Good Son

We all understand the need for our parents’ acceptance and approval, but what if you simply don’t see eye to eye with the people who raised you, and you’re not even related to them?

The Good Son focuses on a highly successful character, Vedant, who struggles to win the favour of his adopted father, no matter how hard he tries. This situation leads to some thrilling twists and turns, as do-gooder Vedant struggles with his father’s disdain, seemingly meeting with unending bad luck, despite his good intentions.

Vedant’s never-ending struggle is on Zee World, GOtv Channel 25, every Monday to Friday at 18:00 CAT.


If traditional Halloween movies aren’t your thing, this telenovela just might be. It’s a riveting showcase of deception, intrigue, and dark motivations, set in the town of Vosloorus in South Africa.

This is BET’s first attempt at this format, and it’s a resounding success, filled with characters who aren’t who they seem to be.

Buckle up for this twisting, turning, suspenseful series on BET Africa, GOtv Channel 21, every Monday to Thursday at 21:30 CAT.

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