The first Malawian local story on GOtv
is here. Catch it on GOtv Channel 8.
Ndi Nthawi Yathu. 

Pangani upgrade package yanu ya GOtv ndipo tidzakupatsani package yapamwamba pake.

Offer valid from 25th January to 31st March...imbani *470# kuti mupange upgrade.

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Great entertainment for everyone in the family PLUS more with the channels.

2 Music Channels
3 Sports Channels
3 Movie Channels
30 Other genre Channels
MWK 10,500
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A Supa-sized GOtv experience. Crystal clear picture with more local channels, more for the kids, more lifestyle channels, more novellas and more supa reasons to LOVE IT.

3 Music Channels
6 Sports Channels
7 Movie Channels
48 Other genre Channels
MWK 19,900
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Get maximum entertainment with the GOtv Max package. Packed with local and international series, movies, telenovelas and kids shows. Guaranteeing a little something for everyone to enjoy.

2 Music Channels
6 Sports Channels
5 Movie Channels
40 Other genre Channels
MWK 15,800
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Get GOtv Value with sports and great TV 24/7 on crystal clear channels.

1 Music Channels
2 Sports Channels
1 Movie Channels
18 Other genre Channels
MWK 5,800
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Lite on price, big on quality. GOtv Lite is the easiest way to watch your local favourites with crystal clear channels.

0 Music Channels
1 Sports Channels
0 Movie Channels
12 Other genre Channels

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Latest in Sport

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Get GOtv section for more information or take a quick look at our Compare Packages to see what channels are available on each package.

GOtv has recently launched a new package GOtv Supa, this brings the total to five (5):

  • GOtv Supa
  • GOtv Max
  • GOtv Plus
  • GOtv Value
  • GOtv Lite

Yes, they are packaged or customized in the most customer-centric manner. The user can compare and choose the package that suits their needs the best.

Online using the MyGOtv App, at your nearest branch and through one of our GOtv dealers

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best in entertainment, at affordable prices. To make our service cost effective, we bundle GOtv channels into packages so we can spread the costs across these. If we could offer customisable packages, your choice might not prove very popular so the expense would be spread across far fewer customers, thereby making it far more expensive.